The best teachers in Frankfurt

Our Concept:

Who doesn’t know the problem: Nowadays, both children and adults have busier schedules than ever. Learning to play a musical instrument helps to create a balance in life, promotes creativity and personality development.
Playing music is demanding and supportive in many areas of life, regardless of age.
Our music school brings music into your life in a relaxed way: You or your child is taught in your own home by professional and highly qualified teachers. The lessons are individually designed to fit your level and needs.
Our teachers have been trained at conservatories in classical, jazz or rock & pop music.
If demanded by enough students, we can also facilitate group lesson and band coachings. Playing in a band can be a motivating and fun experience for children. It also requires them to listen to others while playing and to contribute to the bigger picture. We would be more than happy to coach bands to achieve new levels of rhythmical abilities, interplay and teamwork.

Your advantages:

– Your children will be taught at home. As a parent, you will be able to gain insight into the teaching situation, see the progress of your child first hand and get feedback from the teacher after the lesson if you
– Students and parents save time. There is no commuting to the music school, no waiting time and seaching for a parking spot.
– The best and most relaxed learning experience is usually at home. Student always play on the instruments they are used to and never have to adjust their seats. There are no disturbances by music lessons
from the room next door.
– Our teachers are highly qualified, studied at excellent conservatories and have teaching experience.
– In case a lesson is cancelled, it will either be rescheduled as soon as possible or reimbursed.
– We are flexible. It is also possible to arrange late night lessons for students who have a full time job during the day.
– You will be eligible to receive an ‚education card’ from our official partner ‚Musikhaus Taunus’ to be able to purchase instruments and equipment with a discount.